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Mounting and Cleaning BoardsMounting Boards are designed for use in the Phoenix™, ProSeal®, D & K Expression® Dry Mount Press, and other heated wide format mounting pouch/roll laminators. They are made from 316" foam board with a heat-activated adhesive. This museum-quality mounting board is designed for use by those artists seeking the flexibility of a paper mount board with the superior durability and quality of a rigid substrate.

26" x 39" Cleaning Boards 5/Box

26" x 39" Cleaning Boards 5/Box
Product #CB26
Price: US $61.00
Price: US $40.26

Over time, adhesive can build up on your laminator's rollers, leading to improper lamination results and decreasing the lifespan of your machine. Thankfully, our Cleaning Boards are designed to remedy this issue. A porous paper surface traps small adhesive build-ups on silicone-covered laminator rolls. Cleaning boards can be used while the laminator is hot for optimal results.


Size: 26" x 39"

Thickness: 316"

Color: Green

Quantity: 5 boards per box

Priced per box