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Dry Mount Supplies

Dry Mount Tissue Paper is a permanent, heat-activated tissue formulated for easier bonding of porous papers and other smooth materials to foam boards, and other rigid substrates. The activating temperature is 175° F with light pressure. Dry mount tissue allows air to easily pass through materials to create a strong bond with no air bubbles- great for mounting posters, photographs, and similar documents.

Seal Release Paper is a special silicone-treated paper that protects your originals and press platen from becoming soiled. This paper is coated on one side with silicone and prevents excess adhesive sticking to other surfaces during the mounting process. Single-sided release paper is used as a carrier sheet when tissues are being laminated and as a protective layer when applying localized heat using a tacking iron.

16'' x 20'' Dry Mount Tissue Sheets 100/Box

16'' x 20'' Dry Mount Tissue Sheets 100/Box
Product #DMS1620
Price: US $109.93
Price: US $55.22

Filmsource dry mount tissue sheets bond even at low temperatures with light pressure- an activation temperature of 168° F to 175° F with a dwell time of 2-4 minutes makes it ideal for a fast-paced production environment. Great for textured surfaces or pictures.


Size: 16" x 20"

Activation Temperature: 168° F - 175° F

Dwell Time: 2-3 minutes

Quantity: 100 sheets per box

Priced per box