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Velo Binding Machines

Description of VeloBind binding is: VeloBind is the most secure of the common table-top book binding processes. This type of binding is great for anyone looking for a secure bind, or who is binding thick books. If you are binding legal documents, VeloBind is the right choice for your document. VeloBind is available in three different sizes, using 1, 2 and 3 inch strips. VeloBind allows you to bind books up to 3" thick. You can also bind books as small at ten pages.

14" V2000 Hot Knife Manual Punch & Electric Binding System

14" V2000 Hot Knife Manual Punch & Electric Binding System
Product #D*V2000P
Price: US $1,699.00
Price: US $1,175.00

The V2000 Hot Knife Manual Punch & Electric Binding System is a powerful and efficient binding system, capable of binding 1" and 2" strips. Compatible with VeloBind® Strips, Ultrabind, SecureBind Strips, and most hot knife strips. Easy to use guide for letter and legal documents.


Manual Punching Capacity: 18" (3 mm) thickness

Manual Binding Capacity: Approximately 20-22 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper, 14" (360 mm) length

Electric Binding Capacity: Approximately 400-475 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper, 2" thickness, 14" (360 mm) length

Weight: 33 lbs.

180 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

How to Bind:

●#1: Punch your pages

●#2: Insert the plastic 11 pin pronged strip through the holes you have punched.

●#3: Insert the plastic hole strip onto the plastic prong strips, closing the book.

●#4: Place your book in the binding area of your machine. You will find pins to fit the grooves on the hole-side of the strip. Make sure they snap into place.

●#5: The next step is to activate the hot knife and heat to seal the strips to close your document


VeloBind Strips