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Rhin-O-Tuff Heavy Duty Binding Machines

Rhin-O-Tuff manufactures a full range of paper punching and document binding systems for comb binding, plastic coil binding, and wire binding. The breakthrough engineering originated the convenience of interchangeable dies, allowing one punch machine to be used for multiple punching applications.

Manufactured in the USA since 1996. Green - 98% recyclable material. Three Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the HD-7700, HD-7000, and the OD-4012.

14" Manual HC8024 Wire Closer

14" Manual HC8024 Wire Closer
Product #D*PHC8024
Price: US $1,107.25
Price: US $1,107.25

The HC-8024 provides you with an affordable manual flat bar wire closer for binding documents up to 24". Easily doing the job of machines that cost hundreds of dollars more, the HC-8024 offers fast, accurate, wide-application closing. Comes complete with an extendable table for the support of extra-long documents.


Binding Capacity: Closes 316" to 114" twin loop wire

Binding Edge: 24""

Lightweight & Portable: Easily removed around the workplace to suit production needs

Rugged, All-Metal Construction: Ensures superior durability and performance

Open-Ended Throat: For closing longer documents

Slide Out Table Extension: Makes feeding long documents easy

Dimensions: 17" H x 28" W x 30" D

Weight: 45 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 49 lbs.

Three Year Manufacturer's Warranty