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Standard Laminating Roll Film

Protect your classroom prints and create stunning student projects with our standard-grade films, which are economical, durable, and designed for use with school-grade laminators.

Our roll films, composed of a premium polyester and adhesive blend, result in smooth, clear lamination and serve as an economical alternative for applications that demand heavy-gauge protection. A harder homopolymer adhesive prevents edge-ooze, and a thinner gauge polyester-base provides superior rigidity and abrasion resistance.

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1.5 mil 25" x 1000' 1" Core Clear Roll Laminating Film

1.5 mil 25" x 1000'  1" Core  Clear Roll Laminating Film
Product #25100015C1
Price: US $341.90
Price: US $41.40

Roll laminate films allow you to protect your printed items for years to come. Standard 1.5 mil is a practical, universal film that can be used for most laminating applications. This clear, glossy standard film is available in 1" and 214" core sizes. It is designed to work with most of the popular heated roll laminators.


Size: 25" x 1000'

Thickness: 1.5 mil

Core: 1"

Finish: Glossy

Material: Homopolymer

Adhesive: In

Quantity: 2 rolls per box

Priced per roll- 2 roll minimum

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